Mission & About

About Us

Original Propaganda Athletic Club was created to cultivate an equally competitive environment for athletes of all skill levels. Here a Couch-To-5Ker gets the same respect as a Boston Qualifier. And an ultra-marathoner is not agitated with someone taking his or her first “steps”. All facets of sport are encompassed under the overall objective of O.P.A.C. Running is our primary platform.

We are looking to capture then entire athlete experience. Fitness and nutrition. Physical, mental, and emotional. Pre competition, competition, and post competition. Our goals are:

  • Introducing individuals to sport
  • Continuing organized competition
  • Redefining the traditional classification of an ELITE athlete
  • Establishing an increasing impact on the Philadelphia athletic/social landscapes

The current centerpiece of O.P.A.C. is Run Club, our weekly celebration of the communal aspect of Group Run and the Subsequent Fellowship.

All faces/paces are welcome! All runners and non-runners are welcome! Meaning:

  • Whether you are fast as f4%k or slow as s#!t … it’s all love!
  • Whether you walk, jog, run, or sprint … it’s all love!
OPAC Relays

We produce creative athletic and social platforms such as bR.U.N.ch. and O.P.A.C. Relays. We elevate preexisting running moments including Flash Run, Philadelphia Marathon, Broad Street Run, and Penn Relays.

In the Philadelphia area we cultivate and steward strong relationships with local stores, restaurants, retailers, and businesses. But mention Philadelphia, birthplace of this Great Union, among other global cities and feel the blank stare that confirms the depth of our city’s irrelevance within the athletic, fashion, and popular culture cosmos. Or become familiarized with our story articulated from another city’s perspective. This present lack of presence is the foundation for our future in sport: Original Propaganda Athletic Club.

OPAC Family


Foster an elite, equally competitive environment for our family members, serve as a vehicle for athletes to become and remain involved in an organized team atmosphere, create an energetic culture of activity and identity without limitation of sport, and become a part of Philadelphia’s cultural fabric with sport, fashion, entertainment, and social activism.